humboldt  county homeless litter drug needles

A local Humboldt blogger wants the 18 hobos who were cited for illegal camping in Eureka Wednesday to come see him about a possible legal defense.

Eureka Police officers did a sweep of the wildlife reserve area near the Humboldt Bay behind the mall a few days ago after receiving many complaints of "aggressive loose dogs, aggressive behavior by illegal campers, an abundance of garbage and human waste on the trails and hypodermic needles on the trails" according to the Eureka Reporter.

Tad, an Arcata resident who has been described as "a spokesman for the homeless", seems to think those bums actually have a right to set up camp, do drugs, and defecate on the trails in the greenbelt area which has been legally declared wetlands and reserved for wildlife use and public hiking.

This is the sort of thing that we don't understand about too many Arcata hippies. They are supposedly all about protecting the earth and its people and freedoms, yet we have a county full of disgusting hobos who trash the land, crap in our wetlands, and think they have the right to set up camp in public areas. And why is Humboldt County a mecca for beggars and bottom feeders? Because some people have spent major portions of their lives doling out spare change to street hippies and defending them from the evils of organized society.

Yes, the evils of law and order, the evils of having clean trails for citizens to walk on, and yes, the evils of taxes! And why shouldn't anyone and everyone be able to just give up, never work again, live in the streets, and beg for change and food, leeching off members of society who actually work, pay taxes, and contribute something to the world?

To be fair, there will always be disabled citizens, injured war vets, and people in need who cannot actually take care of themselves. But here in Humboldt County we see too many otherwise normal people who have taken to begging in the streets out of sheer laziness, and we believe that it is those abusers who do the most damage to our land and our society.

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By Kari, on Aug 29, 2009 - 22:20
Hey Ass, We Potheads Celebrate peace on 4:20 (Adolf Hitler's birthday). And just for your information I'm graduated high school and now I have my own business and I help teens that have been raped. And I care about all of those kids. Understand that I rather be peaceful and happy. Then like you, Hateful and judgmental. Thank you for reading this.

By Ben, on May 3, 2010 - 18:26
One day we will all be facing death and having to answer for the things we created here on Earth. What did you create? Clean trails! TONS of ill will and hostility! Is that a good enough cause to dedicate your life to?

Also, WOW!, you have NO CLUE how hard being homeless is. And you're completely arrogant in your ignorance.

Seriously, get off your ass, leave the computer for a few hours and go be homeless in a strange town where you can't just walk back home if you want. Then you'll have a tiny, tiny *speck* of a clue how fucking hard it is to be homeless.

Thats why some people turn to alcohol and drugs. Others were doing it before they became homeless.

But most homeless people walk ALL day, they sleep very lightly if at all (for fear of being assaulted by dumb fuckers like you) and carry their entire house and most of their possessions on their backs! WTF do you do that even remotely compares to that?

As someone who has been homeless and is now residing in my own home I can tell you conclusively that being homeless was 100 times harder than this bullshit luxurious lifestyle.

So it strikes me as odd that you think homeless people are lazy bums...when YOU may in fact be the 'lazy bum' compared to them!

Also, do you really take this Dudley Dooright bullshit you say seriously? If so, you may want to know, you're sure to be the only one as you sound like a complete douche nugget who takes himself way too fucking seriously.

You Suck

By Thomas, on Nov 17, 2010 - 19:17
way too profile a group of people you know nothing about. all homeless are junkie potheads? YOU ARE A SHIT STAIN!

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