The time of reckoning for marijuana growers in Eureka, California is right around the corner.

The Eureka City Council is about a week away from approving an ordinance that would effectively put an end to for-profit residential pot production. According to the Times-Standard, the council voted unanimously to introduce the ordinance for the city of Eureka, and they will convene again on August 3, 2010 to vote the ordinance into law.

Here's a quick summary of the new residential regulations outlined in the ordinance:

  • Medical marijuana users may only grow for themselves in their residences
  • Grow space limited to 50 square feet and 1200 watts
  • Pot gardens must have a permit from the city for any special electrical wiring
  • All CO2 use is banned
  • Property owners will be forced to allow the city to inspect properties

This is a HUGE DEAL for Eureka, and it is very likely that the ordinance will pass early next month. This will pretty much shut down all black-market marijuana gardens within the city limits, and could become a huge problem for property owners who rent to growers, whether they are aware of gardens on their properties or not.

Once the city determines that a property might be housing an indoor pot farm, they will notify the property owner by certified mail. If the owner does not respond within seven days, the city seeks an inspection warrant to enter the home and check for compliance with the new law. After that initial seven days, the city will also hit the property owner with fines of $50 per day until it is inspected.

Growing pot indoors can be affected by power outages

We're all for regulating marijuana production and eliminating the black market criminals who do little to support the community, but it seems a bit aggressive to be fining property owners on a daily basis over the inspections. What's more, it is unclear what kind of information the City of Eureka must obtain before it decides to perform an inspection on a property. We foresee unfortunate situations arising where nosy neighbors abuse this system to harass residents in their neighborhoods, forcing them to open their doors to city inspectors based on little more than hearsay or personal opinions.

Regardless, things are changing in a big way the Humboldt County Seat, and we expect to see many growers moving out of city limits as soon as possible.

And we can't help but wonder if this is ultimately good for the city? If growers can't turn a profit in the city of Eureka, will this lead to decreased demand for home rentals? Will it eventually lead to lowered property values because growers will no longer be looking to purchase homes or rent properties inside the city?

Let's face it, nobody is moving to Eureka, California for the great schools or the high paying jobs. They're moving here to grow pot or to service the pot growing industry. Or maybe to retire. That's it. Everyone knows our economy is based almost entirely on illegal marijuana production, whether we like it or not. If property values decline in Eureka, there will be less money for schools, less money for city services, and less money to pay for political positions like those held by our city councilmen.

Is this really what we want? Maybe there is a better way...

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By food for thought, on Aug 1, 2010 - 17:09
Does the City of Eureka not have a lawyer? Because Prop 215 was voted in by the people, the only the people have the right to set limits on it. This was just reemphasized in January with People v. Patrick Kelly when the court shot down SB420 limits.

By Landlord, on Aug 3, 2010 - 0:51
I'm more worried about the privacy of my tenants. As a property owner in Eureka who rents to respectable citizens, I don't believe that it is fair or even necessarily legal to force landlords to grant access to their rented properties without any crimes taking place on the property. Why do I have to pay a ridiculous fine because some old lady on her morning walk thinks she hears a fan in my tenant's garage?

How can this be legal?

By Dr. Gonzo, on Aug 5, 2010 - 6:06
"Property owners will be forced to allow the city to inspect properties"...What about the tenant's rights? Especially the tenant's right to privacy? And the patient's rights? The patient has the right to proper medical care. A person's medical needs should not be determined by lawmakers. How can a lawmaker determine how much space a patinent may need to grow their medicine? And how can a lawmaker tell a patient how much medication to take?? They don't have the knowledge to do so. This is a matter for the doctor and patient, not the lawmaker and patient.
By all means, go after the illegal growers. The ones without prescriptions. Go after the homes that are obviously drug houses(houses used only for growing and not living in) and are visibly a hazard. Go after the violent drug dealers. And go after the people selling the dangerous/addictive drugs..Last time I looked, we had a serous meth amphetamine problem here in Eureka. But seriously, do not hastle the law abiding patients. The city is making a huge mistake with this ordinance.

By Humboldt Thug, on Aug 12, 2010 - 5:31
After prop 19 passes this will not be a nuisance as long as a person is not growing "medical" marijuana. I predict outdoor hoop houses, batteries and propane fired generators will quickly replace 2000 degree lamps and CO2 tanks.


By ASh, on Nov 4, 2010 - 17:48
i think that pot is the stupidest thing out there and it shouldnt be legalized sorry stoners but im right(:

it's like growing wine grapes indoors, unless...

By mork, on Dec 12, 2010 - 8:07
hey, if all of eureka's electricity is supplied by wind or solar, then let the indoor growers go. otherwise, indoor growing in n. cali, the finest region for growing weed outdoors, is about as cool as aids. get those motherfuckers out of town, legalize weed for real, grow it outside with skill, and charge a lot of money for it, like any fine local california farmer would for their produce.

and please remove "brand shoes" comment above. this is a serious issue.


By Jay, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:21
ok, first ash your am idiot. pot is not the worse thing out there. pot is just fine. its an herb, you dont have to put any chemicals or anything to make it like you do with drugs. so you can shut it. (:


By Heather, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:22
hey hey hey jay! ha ha ha u so last night.....yep :D


By Jay, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:24
WTF?!?!? *to heather.*

Suck it!

By Heather, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:25
argh! you dont remember ...Not agian!


By Jay, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:26
oh yeah!!! i remember, umm text me haha


By Heather, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:27
YA! mk ...gosh so .....ill stop talking to you on this thing if u dance with me at prom!!!!!???!


By Jay, on Apr 19, 2011 - 21:27
alright... lol :P

By carrie, on Oct 5, 2011 - 18:23
I really agree with the person who believes that the lawmakers should go after the illegal growers and sellers. If somebody happens to be walking by a house that has a strong scent of pot, instead of getting a warrant to enter the house, simply ask the home owner/landlord to supply a copy of their 215 statement. If they don't have one then they might have a right to violate privacy.

By Where to find Weed, on Aug 22, 2012 - 3:24
Thanks for the update.

Hurts to hear these story's & small minded neighbors!

By Sandra, on May 1, 2014 - 0:05
I really hate the fact that everyone in humboldt is so small minded. my mother suffers from multiple illnesses and continues to get more she is constantly in pain and So I'm I and my husband. We have nothing We can do but try what We know works best that helps her most. we have spent a lot money getting are licenses purchasing equipment from eBay to avoid nosey neighbors. I try my hardest to grow proper stuff for my mother some stuff I go out of my way to grow makes her feel way better. I'm here crying because of how you Guys in eureka want to get rid of growers like us who do it for medicinal use. I need a lot of it to make butter for baked foods for her I also mix it with rubbing Alcohol.I'm sick of eureka trying to belittle us by growing 2-20 lights I have my license so does my mother and husband.we can grow legally hundred plants each ticks me off when I hear innocent people getting popped by fuckin noisy inconsiderate Jealous small minded people.I've heard one story of a husband and wife with kids who had a 20 light grow heavy medicinal users who were falsely accused and raided it hurts to hear this I heard they were barely getting up to take there kids to school bang bang meaning knock knock which wasn't a very pleasant. They made a scene in front of all there neighbors wich eventually they moved because of it.i heard the kids started to cry and also the parents they work good legal jobs and had normal lives but smoked Mary Jane like it was nothing. they had there license so why eureka why do you do these things the only one looking down from us is god. he's evaluating everybody and you will have to answer him one day so I'm not worried I see signs all the time of god. he knows who he's gunna take to heaven and who's not I pitty you pathetic people. Who falsely raid people you'll get yours I swear if I!!!! ever get falsely raided like that. I'm just gunna talk to my husband who is well paid worker for a politician he knows the law and a lot more than you think I will also take you guys to court for whatever he feels who've done to me and my poor kids and sick guys will see il also make this reach national tv if I have to my mother is the only thing I got if she gets a heart attack and dies that's just gunna how lot worse for you humboldt I'm also pregnant to!!! so humboldt you need to go after these stupid crack heads that j walk. I almost hit them every time from chevron to Wendy's at least five times a day !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. How about these people selling Hereon and killing young teens and adults !!! Or better yet how about these meth heads that walk into mc Donald's and almost knock my kids over !!!.Better yet how about your dum fucking kids driving v tech sports cars recklessly driving and running over people there's a drag strip we're you can drive fast give your kids money to go!!!! Come on humboldt !!! What the fuck or how about these homeless women getting pregnant and doin crack an trying to hitch really this is pathetic humboldt what about all these little hookers spreading diseases huh what's goin on humboldt.!!! stop being jealous of people because they can smoke pot and have a job that don't test for marjuana. Stop pointing fingers sorry you went to school for all those years and can't legally smoke guys are pathetic god don't like ugly people also jealousy is a sin and in the bible shal thal not hate thy neighbor.yeah it's in there people!! So I really would like all of you to get over whatever problems issues you have because I've said my peace and I hope humboldt makes the right choice unless you want angry stoners like myself that smoke for medicinal use that didn't get to smoke there two blunts and a brownie a day to stay calm because when I don't have my Mary Jane for the day my back hurts and im a bitch real bitch I have to take Prozac because I'm such a bitch so I would think about this. I used to be a trained fighter when I was a young before I had kids and became a mother so better not cut me off , don't use your blinker , drive 10 miles under the speed limit speed up and be annoying not letting me cross or not getting in the slow lane , make one of my kids fall on the ground look at one of them the wrong way , try to make me look stupid I WILL fuck u up !!!!!. Alright humboldt you better think about this real good because I know all you people in humboldt can't fight and can't handle what you dish out.Ive faught dudes and kicked there ass so yeah I think you should already know I'm the queen bitch!!!. me and my husband didn't come all this way for you to ruin my reputation as a individual because, I will one not be furious, but I will take legal action. videos , the internet and my husbands fantastic job to put humboldt to shame.for falsely doing innocent people wrong I'm yet to wait for this to happen to me I want it to happen. Not for me but for everybody that feels my pain I can do this for all of us humboldt!!. for all you heavy medicinal users that need it for there pains in there body's and mind. That don't sell it for a profit I'm with you 100 percent I'm waiting humboldt county district come over let's have a cup tea.!! RAID me and watch things get real, real fast this coming for a furious lioness bitch you guys are so lucky I'm not a witch!!!

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