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Posted on Aug 3, 2007 - 0:00

What is this?

Good question, sort of. This is a blog, plain and simple. We write about current news items regarding Humboldt County, paying particular attention to marijuana-related stories. Sometimes, though very rarely, we even break stories, but they are never big, and many might even find them disinteresting. We used to just write short snippets about interesting Humboldt-related news on the Web, but recently we have taken to more lengthy expressions of opinion.

We have also taken some flak around the Web for our name, Humboldt County News, for sounding too much like we're pretending to be an actual news outlet. Frankly, it's just a marketing trick. See those ads in the side column and at the bottom of the page? Those make money, and we like money. Also, we think it's funny when people get pissed off about it, and we greatly enjoy hate mail.

This does not mean we are intentionally being inflammatory. Sure, it's fun to express strong opinions and then have heated discussions with readers in the comment threads, but the truth is that we feel we are not the only Humboldt County residents who share our opinions. No, we think there are plenty of normal folks in this beautiful coastal region who have nothing against marijuana as a medicinal herb and for personal spiritual or recreational use, but are not so liberal that they think everyone and their moms should move here from far and wide to grow pot and make a fortune. It's like a freaking gold rush, and we're sick of it.

If you have a news tip, written contribution, complaint, hate mail, grievance, or even a compliment, send it humcounty.com@gmail.com and we'll be sure to write back.

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The news page has moved to here.

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