The State of Hate

Posted on Nov 5, 2008 - 6:27

Sadly, Proposition 8, the measure to ban same-sex marriages in California, seems to have passed by a pretty decent margin. It's a sad day for California, and a dark day for gay rights everywhere.

The SF Chronicle says "The flood of dollars that poured into the state from every part of the country made Prop. 8 the most expensive social issue race the nation has ever seen."

That flood of dollars they mention amounted to over $70 million, with the Yes side inching ahead by a few hundred thousand dollars. Either way, it is shocking that the same Californians who voted for Obama would deny homosexuals the right to marriage. Especially considering that Obama supports gay rights and equal right for all humans.

Results in California:

Voted for Barack Obama: 61.3%
Voted for Prop 8: 52.1%

At least here in Humboldt 60% of us voted against this hateful ballot measure. Shame on the other 40% for perpetuating hatred and denying a large group of Californians equal rights based on their sexual orientation. Way to push the human rights movement back a decade or so.