Pot Dealer Murdered During Home Invasion Robbery

Posted on Dec 5, 2008 - 7:09

We have probably all heard the story by now, but just in case, here's the paraphrased version:

Man and girlfriend are at their home in Cutten, there is a knock at the door just after 9 p.m. They answer. It's a guy with a gun in a black stocking cap. He comes in, tries to tie the couple up, struggle ensues, multiple shots fired, man who lives at home is pronounced dead at the hospital 2 hours later. Cops arrive and find "a large amount of marijuana" at the residence.

Still think marijuana production in Humboldt County is a good thing? Does anyone believe that this would have happened if there was no marijuana involved?

Please remember that Humboldt County, and especially Eureka, is a very dangerous place. Never, ever, under any circumstances, answer your door (day or night) without finding out who is knocking first. Home invasions happen here on a daily basis, but we generally don't find out about them until someone gets assaulted or murdered.

If you have an alarm system (and if you're in Eureka, you probably do have one), it is wise to set it every night when you go to bed. Not a convicted felon? Go buy a shotgun or handgun, then practice with it out at Fernbridge or down at the Shootery. The criminals here are bold, and getting bolder. They'll rob your ass while you're asleep in your home. They'll cut a hole in your garage if they think there might be a marijuana garden in there. And they will definitely home invade your sorry ass if you make the mistake of answering your door without determining who is on the other side knocking. Be safe, Humboldt, it's a war zone out there.