Looks like they captured Anthony Flores, the driver of that silver Mustang who caused that horrible accident a few days ago. Let us all hope that he is repeatedly raped for many, many years as he rots away in a jail cell for his crimes. Glad that douchebag is off the streets.

Now that the Evergreen Pulp Mill is shutting down, can Humboldt County residents expect an increase in quality of life and general cardiovascular health? It sure will be nice to go outside and not have to smell the horrible stench of paper pulp every day. We're betting the view from the Bayview Motel perched above Broadway is going to be much nicer without the steaming stacks of noxious pollutants billowing away in the distance.

Economic downturn? The new Great Depression? Maybe in the rest of the country, but here in Humboldt County we really don't think it's going to mean much. Why? Because we are nearly positive that at least half of those living behind the Redwood Curtain won't even notice because they either grow marijuana themselves, or they work for someone who grows marijuana. If you have a pair of blue Wiss scissors, you won't be out of work any time soon. The stock markets might be crashing and home prices have plummeted, but that gold mine in the attic will keep you warm until the next federal raids (so long as it doesn't go up in flames).

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By grower, on Oct 10, 2008 - 10:30
damn that's a good price on those scissors! they're $20 at Piersons!!!


By Joe Cornish, on Oct 10, 2008 - 14:09
......but aren't certain skills necessary in order to get a job as a harvester?

By safe, on Oct 11, 2008 - 22:10
it only takes about 2hrs of training to be an acceptable worker.

By Granada, on Oct 12, 2008 - 10:08
fiscars!....wet/drY? by hour or by weight? nobody likes to hire shitty workers


By um, on Oct 13, 2008 - 8:12
fuck fiskars. seriously, people who trim with those big ass fiskars are amateurs. Pros use the blue wiss scissors. props to this blog for knowing about that

Brian F.

By carol, on Jun 18, 2009 - 14:13
thank you so much fo your terrible comment about Brian Fiore since he is my grandson.


By Lenegro, on Dec 7, 2009 - 22:36
You can blame his actions on his psycho dad and his dads skank GF

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