Cops seize 45 pounds of pot from woman's car

Yes, Humboldt County really is the Marijuana Capital of the World. Where else would you read about a 30 year old woman busted with 45 pounds of pot, plus cash and live plants, when she was pulled over for speeding by a Sheriff's deputy?

We're all pretty used to reading about this kind of stuff here, because it seems to happen on a weekly basis, but let's take a moment to think about the implications of this arrest.

Tiffany Charbonneau, when pulled over, first told the cop that the smell of pot was from the young marijuana plants she was transporting in her vehicle. She showed the cop her 215 card, but it was expired, so she was detained and searched. Within the vehicle, the deputy found 45 pounds of herb, "a significant amount of cash", the live plants, and "a pay-out sheet detailing the sale of marijuana." Damn Tiffany, it ain't legal yet!

Forty-five pounds. Even with marijuana prices at all-time lows due to the supply glut created by thousands of pot growers rushing into the scene (many of whom moved to California recently for the ongoing Marijuana Gold Rush), decent nugs can still bring about $3200 per pound in-state. So this lady is rolling around with $144k worth of pot, plus a bunch of cash, some live pot plants, and she even has records detailing sales of her weed? No question about it, that's just stupid. Seriously, even if this weren't the black market, if she were a legitimate businessperson running normal day-to-day operations, since when does anyone drive around with six figures worth of goods, without any protection or even an attempt to mask the odor?

freshly planted outdoor humboldt pot weed baby marijuana plant

But this story, like so many similar tales of late, helps illustrate how unlike any other market the marijuana scene in California has become. For every Tiffany Charbonneau, there are presumably hundreds of other big-time black-market transports on the road at any given time.

And what does it all mean? For starters, it means there is an unimaginable amount of cash being made on the marijuana black market in Humboldt County. And that means significant losses in tax revenue for our community and our state. But will legalizing marijuana resolve that issue? We have doubts. Even if prices decline, which they most assuredly will, the black-market producers may still be able to compete with white-market prices, particularly because they won't pay the required taxes, and it stands to reason that we won't ever be able to eliminate the underground market and extract tax revenue from it.

This is all totally new and unprecedented in the US. We have a product that can be manufactured on a small scale, inside peoples' homes, with a quality that rivals even the most professionally grown stuff. Getting rid of the black market, and tapping into that tax revenue source, is probably going to take more than just passing a new law. It's going to be quite interesting to see what happens after California voters finally pass some sort of marijuana legalization.

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weed is good!

By Josiah A. Patayon, on Jul 18, 2010 - 5:50
i believe in marijuana cuz i trully believe in GOD. who create the natures, everything!


By Max, on Aug 8, 2010 - 3:59
If everyone just grew for personal use, i'm sure you would see what happened in Massachussetts will happen here.

Max Kaufmann
Clifton, Me. 04428

By Bud Greenlee, on Aug 13, 2010 - 20:50
No matter what, there will always be a black market in this country. However, The need, or public demand for black market marijuana will decrease when marijuana is made legal. Even though alcohol is legal in most places, moonshine can still be bought on the black market, as can guns, porn, drugs, and of course weed.
Just as is the case now, In states where medical marijuana is readily available, the prices have not dropped, but the demand is much less.
This change is inevitable and welcome to many. Most pot smokers do not like breaking the law with the purchase of marijuana on the black market and had much rather purchase weed in a open market, like a liquor store, where a variety is available, and perhaps a place to sample the wares, such as an Amsterdam coffee shop.
The other side of legalization is the billions of american tax dollars that will be saved on law enforcement, prosecution, incarceration, and all the industries related to these occupations. Instead, some of this money can be spent on education and rehabilitation. Legalization is long overdue. Prohibition is ineffective and is expensive and oppressive. It creates an environment like the one occurring in some of the southern states. Prohibition feeds the drug cartels and gangs that control the streets in many American cities
While not a cure-all, legalization of marijuana is a gigantic first step towards healing this country both economically and morally.

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By leigh fenney, on Feb 28, 2011 - 3:53
i could smoke all that in 1 cone pussys

By pineapple sunshine, on Feb 28, 2011 - 3:56
i smoke that everyday im a hell smack adict

By Anonymous, on Jun 3, 2011 - 10:19
Everyone in Humboldt but the idiot DA knows that weed belonged to George and Billy Rolff.

By who, on Jun 10, 2011 - 5:07
Anonymous your a fucking idiot why dont you get your facts straight you should talk to the person who knows the truth! And if any one knows the truth its called medicine.

By humgrown, on Jun 14, 2011 - 18:42
"Who", my sentiments exactly.


By yoyoyo, on Jul 16, 2011 - 21:34
loss of tax revenue for out state? are you kidding me? northern california would be broke if it wasnt for all the out of state money flooding into cali by the billions...literally hundreds of million dollars cash being pumped into local economies through all the gas, supplies, trucks, food, construction, electricity, property tax, etc....yea some is buried cash in the bills but theres still plenty of black market cash being re-circulated..

and that lady is an idiot.

"No comments from the peanut gallery."

By Sasha, on Sep 25, 2011 - 13:54
You just have to figure things out Humboldt county. You can have a sweet clean successful city with plenty of weed and pot smokers and still have great schools.

Just have to come to terms with your differences. Rangle up the hippies who like to smoke weed and say you need to do something about the meth heads. Because I find you can smoke a lot of pot and still function as a good citizen. As long as you are still being productive. Every place has it's own hobos granted - that's just the world by means of society.

Meth = terrible. Weed = DIFFERENT. On the spectrum of things (alcohol, cigarettes.. I put weed next, the psychadelics, and STAY FAR AWAY FROM hard drugs. I think or I'd like to hope what every "pot-head" would agree on.

Anyway, I come from the land of Texas.
Unlikely, I know.

Conservative sounding? Yes, probably.
Sorry about our work in politics. Hate Rick Perry, but also think Obama shouldn't run again.

It's cause, I'm from Austin.

I think we have a great balance. I'm safe in my neighborhood. The cops are here to keep everybody safe from those sort of meth head/whatever bad people/threats. They don't run the entire city though.

Come visit, you might like it! Everybody [who doesn't in the world] wishes they could be in California with those beaches, but we do what we can with what we have and it's a good city.

Balance y'alls stuff out and everybody can be happy in due time.

Peace from the Lonestar state.


By Stephen Morris, on Oct 26, 2011 - 8:20
Has anyone ever heard of MENDOCINO OR FORT BRAGG " THE EMERALD TRIANGLE ", Well that if there were a pot capital that would be the pot capital, Humbolt I don't know if it's because of the name or because people from humbolt and film makers point out humbolt as being this place where the best of the best marijauna is grown, which in fact IS NOT TRUE BY NO MEENS! ! ! ! Do they have great smoke hell yeah they do, But is it the best no. They make there own blend of nutrients and other supplies that are for growing marijauna and it's really good for anything you want to grow. I lived in Mendocino for 3 years and going back, I heard of Humbolt just like everyone else did they made it out to be heaven which it's far from even a half ass decent golf resort. . .HA LOL Just joking it's a cool place, But I lived in southern California for most my life and as I got older always hearing about the feilds of marijauna and the 215 card all the indoor grows you can do, I was ready thats what I wanted to do so I at age 15 ranaway from home not only because I wanted to grow the good cannabis but to find out when I got there if it was true " In the greenest fields of the west, hell with all the rest, if your out on a stoners bounty, pull over in Humbolt county " I actually made that up when I was 15 because all I could think about was growing marijauna, But I was in search of the strongest strain to grow, the biggest yeilder, and in the least amount of time so i could have a constant cycle producing. After my arrival in Northern California and going to Humbolt, I heard of a little town called Mendocino and so I made tracks. I arrived there about noon the following day and couldnt see a damn thing with all the fog and thought now how the hell is this where the best marijauna comes there aint no dam way, but when i talked to some of the locals and got lucky by talking to the right person, He must have seen my desire and ability to be a succsess!! Yes i was a teenager but I had a full grown beard and looked like I was 20 and had a mature level of about 30 well thats what people said. Well my point is in my opinion and 75% of Northern California's population agree 100% that the best marijauna grown and the best they have ever smoked came from " MENDOCINO " the only reason no one knows of mendocino very much is they don't attract attention to them selves they don't have these film producers researching the marijauna crops and growers in the area in order to make a movie pin pointing the county for growing all this which picked up the bust rate and also these news reporters hearing hot gossip from one person about mass amounts of the best marijauna is from here now come and arrest us all. .LOL, I am not dogging on humbolt but I think that really good marijauna is grown and comes from Mendocino it's not the best but it's better than humbolt and I say that with confidence because I experienced both places and saw Humbolt had killer bud, But mendocino had deadly shit, I meen shit that would on one hit lay your ass flat, and like most of the people on this said 45 pounds aint nothing that's like a nickle bag to a grower. Well I hope everyone enjoyed 1% of my story there so much more but I need to find a growers forum so I can tell people my story of what I went through and did to make my dream of growing marijauna become reality at the age of 15 I am 23 now so I now know quite a bit about the stuff and learn something new everyday, stephen

By Anonymous, on Jul 7, 2012 - 6:31
The fact is that no one needs 45 pounds of "medicine" in a year. She would have to use 2 ounces a day to use that much weed in a year, and I don't know anyone who needs that much.

By nv bud, on Oct 20, 2013 - 19:46
Small time trying to be big time will eventually serve time RR

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