This grower apparently uses Humboldt Nutrients to grow his marijuana

Yikes. Today's New York Times exposé-style article on California's biggest cash crop includes a video featuring Kevin Hoover (editor/publisher/writer/ photographer/honcho of the Arcata Eye) confronting a medical marijuana grower at his home in Arcata. Is it us or is Hoover getting all Michael Moore on medical pot these days?

The NYT article paints a picture of a state in total chaos, and also introduces yet another false statistic regarding the number of "grow houses" in Arcata. They actually printed this: "...Arcata, home of Humboldt State University, where town elders say roughly one in five homes are 'indoor grows'," which is truly a shame, not only because they did not provide any source for that data, but especially because they turned an already false and incorrect number that the L.A. Times printed into an absurd mathematical impossibility.

How does 1000 of 7500 become 1 out of 5? That just does not work out, and we are officially scolding the New York Times for printing such incorrect data. Also, the video attached to the article refers multiple times to the false statistic that 1000 homes are grow houses, even though it is clearly hearsay. Also, who the hell are these "town elders" the Times refers to?

Anyway, back to Kevin Hoover and his current agenda of walking the streets of Arcata casing houses for signs of pot growing operations. Doesn't this guy have anything better to do? It's fine with us if he continues to print stories and opinions on the topic of pot growing in Arcata, but it's a whole different gig to do a straight up knock-and-talk to a grower with a cameraman from the New York Times standing behind him.

Medical pot is sealed in Food Saver bags before sale to customers

Then again, if he doesn't do it, who will? Hoover is right about one thing: Pot growing is totally out of control in Arcata, even if it's not 1 in 5 homes or even 1000 in 7500. Mendocino may be on the right path with their recent repeal of Measure G, which allowed prop 215 patients to grow up to 25 plants. Now that the voters have spoken, that limit is down to just 6 plants per patient.

Perhaps Arcata will benefit from Hoover's relentless research and tireless reporting on the topic, perhaps we will eventually figure out how to strictly limit residential growing operations while still allowing legitimate dispensaries to function in a way that is beneficial to actual sick patients in need of medicine.

When it comes down to it, Humboldt County, and especially Arcata, absolutely has a big, huge problem with for-profit criminal marijuana growing. You better believe that most of the homes with indoor grow rooms are operating as pot businesses, growing more than they need and selling it for profit. We feel that this should be acceptable to a certain point, for example if a patient actually needs to smoke a pound of medicine a month, they might be allowed to grow two pounds per month so they can sell one to the dispensary in order to cover the costs of growing that much medicine. But when growers are blowing up whole houses and growing 10 pounds at once, then buying $50,000 pickup trucks and evading income taxes, or purchasing multiple properties to grow more pot, we're with Hoover when he says "The energy-sucking crime hives aren't going to be tolerated any more than crack houses, trash houses or any other blight would be."

<< Big Outdoor Marijuana Grow Raided on PALCO Land Real Estate Boom to Blame for Housing Crunch >>

you better believe we're tired of it

By fed up, on Jun 9, 2008 - 11:18
That's right, we ARE tired of all this BS pot growing crap. Sure, go ahead and grow your own PERSONAL stash for your medicinal needs. That doesn't bother anyone here in California, not even Kevin Hoover. But these criminals have got to stop growing mass amounts for profit, and for the love of God why are they being so stupid about it? Taking the numbers off their homes, boarding up the windows and buying pit bulls for protection? Get real! They are turning it into crime, when it doesn't even need to be!

Yeah, legalize, regulate, tax that shit, and we'll all see the problem go away forever.

Welcome to the age of industrial greed

By Emroid, on Jun 9, 2008 - 12:26
Marijuana growing should be done outdoors only. The greed of indoor growers, outsourcing the environmental costs, is no better than Monsanto.

By gramps, on Jun 10, 2008 - 8:36
Notice that the idiot grower in the Times photo has his propane tank in the same room with the CO2 burner. Tank leaks and Ka-Bloowie! No more grow house.


By nongrower, on Jun 10, 2008 - 9:01
gramps is right, that is retarded!! What's even more stupid is the fact that he let the freaking New York Times take pictures of his tattoos! What an idiot! Federal watch list on that guy for sure!


By fart, on Jun 10, 2008 - 21:20
such a lame guy, how about if the entire community boycotts everything the Eye is involved in........

By mresquan, on Jun 11, 2008 - 8:56
Hoover reminds me of that cop in that show Weeds who goes around and busts anyone in competition with his friends.Remember that Kevin is not putting in any effort for legalization,he's only doing the dirty work for legal 215 patients,under the guise of going after them.
No doubt that grows are a huge problem that should be dealt with,but Kevin playing as Arcata'a Wayne Hanson won't do anything except benefit his preferred growers.

By Hoobie Doobie, on Jun 11, 2008 - 10:40
Kevin Hoover smokes weed. What a hypocrite.


By Jimmy Jones, on Jun 19, 2008 - 19:29
I can see if someone ruins their landlord's house... But otherwise who really cares? Pot has a bad rap, and people have a little relief with 215. There are many roomers about the DEA today partially due to Hoover's story. And roomers that Hoover is in big trouble. I wouldn't want to be him right now.

By Hobart, on Jun 20, 2008 - 8:07
Jimmy Jones what rumors have you heard about Hoover? I know he wrote an article recently saying he's had death threats since the NYT article... but I haven't heard anything else, have you?


By Insurgent Patriot, on Jun 21, 2008 - 21:12
Notice in the picture he is looking over his shoulder! I guess he's going to have to get used to that, when people go to jail they sit there plotting their revenge.
How's that old comment go? Pay backs are a bitch, but revenge is a motherfucker! I wouldn't want to be him, because anyone who goes to jail will think it's him regardless of how it happened. I wonder if Vegas has odds on him?

Costly for who?

By used to, on Jun 23, 2008 - 23:22
Perhaps a huge price increase is finally due, and a rise in this commodity will professionalize the fringes.

By republican, on Jul 22, 2008 - 18:47
Maybe he should consider the fact that the mexican mafia wants to control pot production and sales in california.Kevin will drive out the loyal American growers to be replaced by mexican narcoterrorists who will behead kevin.Kevin, take a look at the big picture.

just like all corporate greedmongers

By concerned, on Sep 6, 2008 - 19:49
greedy indoor marijuana farmers are no better than any other for-profit corporation. they destroy the environment by using 100 times more power than a normal citizen, and that power comes directly from the natural gas fired power plant on the Humboldt Bay. Way to pollute the world and put chemicals into the ground for your own profits, which you don't even pay taxes on! and then you go buy big ol' trucks that spew smoke and soot and get terrible mileage. GROWERS SUCK!!

By jglfdjgkldf, on Sep 18, 2008 - 21:35
i think it would be best if everyone that commented on this werent so bias, and also not make unruly untrue statments....concerned wrote growers suck!! no my friend some are greey not all so dont make such ridicolous statments.. thanks go humboldt go green


By someonewithabrain, on Feb 11, 2009 - 3:44
Seriously people?! Growers destroying the environment and economy?! The only economy I've seen in NorCal is from growers money. What other industry do you have? And environment? Do you bitch as much about people who own houses bigger than 3000 sqft.? Know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.


By get a life, on Feb 28, 2009 - 8:51
When will the cowards of the world mind there own business and leave everyone alone who doesn't agree with their way of life? Kevin is unwanted up here along with every other loser who can't seem to find something important about much energy does kevin waste fighting a lost cause? People will always do what they want not what others want.

cowardly newspaper guy

By freedom of information, on Mar 5, 2009 - 19:04
in the interest of removing mr. hoovers facade ive seen his car parked infront of a house on beverly drive regularly. its a white honda civic parked infront of a purple house near the end

By the environment, on Mar 21, 2009 - 19:38
Dear "get a life",

How much energy does Humboldt County waste with all those thousands of grow hi watt grow lamps?

It will go on

By Young but smart, on Dec 11, 2009 - 13:07
look I agree that dealers are out of hand and horrible for the environment but even if weed is legalized you realize that these people will just find another way to make easy money. In my opinion its not the drugs that are the problem its the consumerist, capitalistic, American society. Do you think that if our society didn't put so much wait on material items these people would still do whatever needed to have the best and newest of everything. That desire is American, the only reason people use pot to achieve that is because this is the best place in the country to do so, environmentally and socially.

agrees with someonewithabrain

By moving to ca, on Jan 6, 2010 - 8:49
It's all driven by growers out there, agreed. Not to mention that if someone wants to do indoors and he is smart he will look into possibly putting solar and/or wind energy up if he/she can.

You guys are seriously offbase, though.... growers, regardless of mass profit, are usually tolerant, open minded people, something that more than 80 percent of america is NOT, I think it would be okay for people that provide such a valuable commodity and plant medicine to make some good money, seriously, it seems like you people that bitch about this bitch about this more than the fact that we live on combustion source for energy, among 1000 other problems. If you want to attack an industry, attack that one, or one of the many others


By oneoldoval, on Oct 13, 2010 - 23:44
looking for small amounts of medical use pot. I live in Ga. But by the first of the year will be back home in Western Mass.

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