Valleywag, one of Silicon Valley's hottest gossip blogs, did a small post on the recent Google Street View issue that has Humboldt County in news headlines across the nation.

The story goes that Google supposedly sent their Street View vehicles up private roads in Humboldt and Sonoma Counties, passing by the "No Trespassing" signs and gathering images of private residences up to a quarter mile beyond the end of the public roads they are legally entitled to photograph. However, the Valleywag post really just talks about pot and the fact that lots of it is grown here.

This article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat has a very well-done video report that we highly recommend. Shouldn't be more than a day or so before the offending images are removed from Google Maps, but lots of people are still upset at the idea of Street View anyway.

And for the lighter side of Street View in Humboldt, see this post from the North Coast Blogthing where Hank Sims points out that the Google car somehow omitted large portions of Eureka's west side, in particular most of California Street, and A and B Streets, as well as nearly the entire industrial district.

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