just another pot grow in humboldt county

There's nothing too special about yesterday's press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office. Another day, another marijuana grow house busted.

This one is only slightly different from the norm in that it's a rental unit that was converted entirely into a giant garden. Every room, the HVAC system, the electrical system, the whole place was remodeled to accommodate a massive pot grow.

Yeah yeah, who cares, right? Well, first off, we care, because this is just one more example of local law enforcement using their resources to go after marijuana farmers instead of real criminals. Sure, it's not very cool to ruin someone's rental property just to grow your pot. The way the press release reads, it seems like these growers could afford to just buy their own house and convert it into a massive garden. But then, no arrests have been made yet, so who's to say these guys don't have another 5 houses full of pot plants in the area?

Which leads to another topic: Maybe it is worthwhile to have the Sheriff going after "big-time" pot growers, guys who have multiple houses and are making so much damn money off black market pot deals that is really is conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. We're fine with small timers growing their 215 medicine, but it does get out of hand when you have people running gigantic million dollar pot operations out of rental homes.

Opinions? Can we get some comments from real growers on this topic?

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Big timers ruin it for everyone

By anon 215, on May 21, 2008 - 9:44
I grow a small amount of medicinal weed at my home (at or under SB420 limits) and I work a regular day job, pay my taxes, and smoke my medicine in the privacy of my own home. 215 is not about making money, it's about having the right to smoke marijuana medicinally. The "big time" growers who blow up whole houses, drive gigantic shiny pickup trucks, and pay top dollar to rent out lots of houses are ruining this community for those of us who aren't ruled by greed and corruption.

I don't care what they think, modifying a whole house to grow pot in and make hundreds of thousands of tax free dolars only hurts everyone else, and it is definitely conspiracy and those people should be pursued by the local police and sheriffs. They are criminals and they are growing for their own greed, and they cause rental prices to increase and make it harder for honest families to find homes to rent. also they take away so much from our community and our country by not paying taxes on their black market money.

go sheriffs go! bust those criminals! they are equally as harmful to our community as meth dealers!

By anomolous, on May 25, 2008 - 12:35
I second the outcry, especially when millions are being made at the expense of the environment and few of those funds are ever channeled back to the community (hospitals, schools, roads, fire departments). We have a housing crisis around here, with a shortage of shelter and property priced way out of most folks' range. Houses are for people, not plants! Close the factories.

don't ruin it for everyone

By anothergrower, on May 27, 2008 - 14:13
leave it to a bunch of big time jerks to ruin 215 for everyone. well actually, 215 and sb420 are great. seriously who needs to grow more than 6 plants at a time? if you really truly need more than that you can get your medicine at a clinic or get specific doctor recommendations to grow more than the sb420 minimums. but yea all the 20-somethings driving shiny new pickups and wearing baseball caps and wraparound sunglasses, they all need to get the hell out of our county because they are onyl here to take advantage of our lack of law enforecment and to rent out 4 different houses to grow 30 lights of weed in. makes me sick. i have a serious condition and marijuana helps. you criminal growers are going to ruin compassionate use for those who truly need it.


we all started out small but some evolve

By SHC Boss, on Nov 7, 2008 - 23:15
I grow all outdoor, but normally thousands of plants. I sell them to cannabis clubs to feed my three children and support my new 20 yr old girlfriend. I just bought a 2009 chevy silverado 2500 and i lifted it up 12 inches with suspension. We here in SHC like 4 wheel drive big trucks because of the rough terrain we cover daily. I bust my ass all summer long to provide medicine to arcata dispensarys, so before you wish for me to be imprisioned remember the same people after me will soon clamp down on those with one plant. this is about states rights. overgrow the government.. oh yeah even if you send me to prison when I get out of prison in 3 yrs I will go and digg up my 1000 55 gallon barrel drums filled with 100's deep in the majestic Humboldt hills, if only you had my gps you could discover more cash in one day than you have made your entire pathetic small time life!

sincerly yours


all of you are jelouse

By No thanks, on Mar 31, 2009 - 13:32
I think all of you are jealous. Forget about just having a stuiped half ass'ed license why don't you actually fight for making it fully legal. half of you with the license's are just winy bitches that don't even need it and are greedy any way. get your shit together seriously and stop bitching. Be glad for these guys that make good money, at least there making it. So sorry that you are pissed off about the shitty job you have to go work every day. start your own damn business. id rather see it just become fully legal its not a drug and its a cash crop. its proven look at these guys take the necessary steps to make lots of money every year. be happy for every one and stop the ridiculousness amount of bitching you do in your life.


By Anonymouss, on May 6, 2009 - 10:38
These "criminal" growers are making a living like anyone else. Where do you think clubs get there weed from?


By plutonicchronic, on Sep 2, 2009 - 17:19
All of you people saying the big growers are greedy is crazy. YOU are just as greedy but don't have the courage to take a risk. If it wern't for these growers then the government would have won the war on pot already. So stop your bitching and stop concentrating on the grower-- CONCENTRATE ON THE CORRUPT GOVERMENT.

this is stupid as fuck.

By a grower, on Oct 10, 2009 - 22:10
everyone just shut the fuck up and go to winco. is your house currently being used to grow weed? no. so shut the fuck up and keep going to winco and working at pulp mills and do your best to let denial do it's job. Or, go to brookings, oregon and see what kind of shithole tweaker fuckbroth can be brewed in a coastal town not entirely supported by evil growers.

By Ether, on Oct 24, 2009 - 13:59
I can't speak for anyone but myself. I'm neither sick, nor am I a grower.

I don't even smoke, but i've been looking into commercial grow ops. Here's

what I can say. If I were to start a grow, I'd have to be honest and say it

would be primarily for money. Now if it were just for street sale or just

recreational use I couldn't do it, but if it's for medical use I'd have no

problem with it. People feeling better and being relieved of the symptoms of

their illnesses would just be a great bonus. If I were in the business, which

is what I think it should be seen as, I'd pay my taxes, but I'd also reinvest

in my business to create and test blends for treating specific illnesses. Now

while I'd be motivated by money, I see no reason why I couldn't make things a

little better for others too! But Thats just me. If there are more comments,

don't let this devolve into senseless bickering. While this isn't a forum, at least you can let your opinion be known, without being insulting or antagonistic, and explain your opinion so others can try and understand your point of veiw.


By YutUggh, on Dec 28, 2009 - 1:35
This is ridiculous. As an independant grower, we all dream of houses filled with weed. Logically some of us put up the risk, and reap the profit. Not all of us drive shiny lifted trucks, how does a 88 silverado with rusted out rockers for starters. Those who keep a low profile, you are wise. Stack money, don't waste it. Its not going to last forever. Just remember that. Where will that 12 inch lift get you that a 6 inch wont? Flaunt your money, taunt the government. Or be smart with it, and just walk around knowing you are set. Live life low key. Thats what its all about up here. I hear the markets great in arizona...now get the hell outta here. This is our county, we need to take it back. -3rd generation resident of the humboldt hills

Fucking yuppies...

By ummmm, on Nov 18, 2010 - 17:01
I think your all crazy go after the crack heads and meth heads who are cooking the shit in their houses instead of taking kids away from their moms and dads for growing pot when its harmless for gods sakes 1oos of doctors and specialists and so on have proven its fucking harmless so i mean to me it seems stuped... take the harmless potgrowers kids and leave the meth lab kids who will probably get blown up... and its true all u fools are greedy as fuck your just to scared or to dumb to do anything about it...

Where's a decent renter?

By Trinity Co Property Owner, on Dec 2, 2010 - 1:10
I own a home in Trinty County and am looking for a decent renter. Also have a place in Humboldt and have been lied to and conned by several Craigslist hopefuls. One lady emailed me and gave me her sob story, which I read with amusement, and answered nicely, without committing to anything. BUT...she actually had the gall to think I'd fall for her line and rent her the place. Within minutes of my reply, she placed a Craigslist ad describing MY property exactly, saying it was 215 friendly, dogs and cats okay, etc. I used someone else's computer to reply to her ad and she said "That one fell through, but i have 3 others on the hook. Give me your number and keep in touch! Did I mention she was asking a lot more than i was, to sub-let my house to a grower. Now I am very cautious about anyone that has a 215 story. I'm not against marijuana if you're doing it within the law, but I do know of a CHP officer in Willow Creek who had his place turned into a HUGE grow house. They gutted it!!! He moved across the country and obviously knew nothing about what was going on. What is that doing to our insurance rates? If you have a legal grow, there's no need to do it indoors, except in the winter. Would I rent to a grower? Yes, if they kept it legal and kept in in the garage, not the house. The hard thing is knowing you're taking a huge risk if they are greedy. Without doing a surprise inspection, you'd never know it was everywhere, because they can obviously clear it out within 24 hours. I prefer a couple that have kids, wants a nice place to live, and has real jobs. Guess that makes me stupid...but I'll sleep better at night!

By Tami, on May 13, 2012 - 23:07
I would just like to live in a state where it is legal to grow! Thinking about moving to California
Any suggestions to good locale? I would like to grow a few plants for personal use, would like to juice the plants for medicinal use, how do you get a license in California to use this wonderful medicine without being arrested?

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