humboldt county rapist wants a free ride

From yesterday's Times-Standard:

"I've been homeless here in Eureka going on seven weeks. In that time I have been attacked by countless people of all sorts. What is the deal with people around here? As a community, where do you get off treating people in poverty without dignity?

You won't let them wash their clothes, you won't let them shower, you won't let them work, and the homeless food mysteriously puts me to sleep every time I eat it.

This community suffers from bad leaders. Bad leaders create bad followers, and there are a bunch of bad followers around here. Don't go to church this weekend and tell me on Monday you've done your part for this community.

I see a bunch of criminals around here, growing pot and spending the money -- not on the community, but on themselves, and harder drugs. Grow up, NorCal.

Michael Neeley

Let's see, you're upset because you can't find free laundry service, free showers, free food that you like, or a job you want. Gee, please hang on while we invite you in to wash your hobo clothes, shower in our homes, and have some food on the house. Never mind that we work very hard, every day, many long hours, at skilled jobs that we went to school for, only to use the money we earn to pay the thousands of dollars it costs each month for rent, electricity, water, food, clothes, gas, student loans, and yes, even the washing machines you think you should have free access to.

Oh but it gets better. Michael Neely is a convicted sex offender! Specifically, he was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape. So why should we give you free food, free shower, free laundry, or anything else that we worked hard for? Humboldt County has some of the best social benefits for homeless people in the country. Go wait in line at the Social Security office on Washington Street like every other transient to get your handouts.

You know what we're tired of? People coming to Humboldt County looking for handouts and free rides, while the cost of living increases on a weekly basis and wages stay the same. So please, make use of our tax-sponsored free money and food stamps, but for society's sake do it wisely and save up your spare change to clean yourself up enough to find a job.

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By Keith Kwan, on Jan 23, 2009 - 9:46
I can understand why you HATE the homeless but rapists?!

By a15mike, on Mar 4, 2009 - 12:37
Well here is where i think he is right. Assalting people is a crime no matter if your homeless, gay, minority, or in a vegitative state! But I see an idea here. Where is the DEA? they are not doing there job right! If one homeless man not trying to find drugs FOUND some then why cant the DEA? If they take the drugs and drug money that is money going back into the town and communitey! That will help social programs or w/e as well as help cut the problems from this ressession! But there is another problem because he is a conviced

By bofm248, on Aug 1, 2009 - 2:25
Dear a15mike
I like that you are trying to make a point but you are opinionated and ill informed. The same goes for the thick headed author of the short blog following the letter from Michael Neeley. The real issue here is that both sides of this argument are causing the problem. Michael: wake up, think positively, save whatever money you have, clean your self, go on a job hunt, start your life over again.

Who ever posted this letter for the sole purpose of bashing the homeless: Realize that clinging on to what ever you think separates you from the "lower class" or "homeless" is just a concept. A washing machine, a nice house, a skilled job, gas, food, all of this is good to have. It basically ensures your survival on earth. Its what every body wants. Its why people envy America. But the key here is survival; you are an animal on a small speck of dirt in the vacuum of open space. You don't fucking matter. There is no difference between you and a homeless man (excluding the rapist part) you are both human, the same. The only reason the world has a higher class and a lower class is pure psychology. Look at a play ground full of kids, you have nerds and bullies. Look at a high school, you still have nerds and bullies. Look at wall street, essentially, there are still nerds and bullies. Get over your self, you are a bald ass monkey on a tiny ball in the middle of nowhere. You are no better then anyone else.

And as for rapists: I fucking hate you all...

Commenters Missed the Point

By Noni, on Oct 30, 2009 - 14:32
I think the problem in Humboldt County is not the genuinely needy homeless people most of us think of when that word gets brought up, but a social sub-culture referred to as the "Homeless by Choice" that make up 20% of the population in Humboldt County.

These people are defined as those who live in their vehicles, camps, or communes while surviving on social welfare or the begging of alms (which is illegal) due to lifestyle choices such as naturalism, and who would not accept “real structural help” even if it were offered;

An example would be a situation that took place in Arcata last year such as a landscaping or care taking job presented by a church or other charity that would provide a stable living environment and wages. The lady declined, saying she didn't want charity. She now panhandles with a sign saying "trying to get un-homeless" every day on Valley West street.

The Homeless by Choice, who feel so entitled to free showers, free laundry, and free food that they complain about the quality of the free food available (seriously, it makes you sleepy.. what, you think it’s drugged?) aren’t complaining about injustice as a whole, they’re complaining about societies inability or lack of willingness to make them comfortable while they continue to live as they have chosen to.

Micheal is homeless because he felt entitled to sex with a woman and did not give to squats about her wants or even her consent, and tried to take what he wanted by force. For that, society ostracised him and you know what? He deserves it. Now he wants something else; a free ride just as the blog says, and he wants it handed over no strings attached. I can't imagine a sane person feeling sorry for him.

There are so many benefits available in Humboldt County that the truly homeless are never actually homeless or hungry for long. An unemployed person with 1 dependant is awarded $346 a month in food stamps here. All that is required is they attend a workshop that will teach them how to fill out a job application, write a resume, and participate in a job interview. The county even pays $20 for gas to get there.

While I will always be glad we have a welfare program, food stamps, shelters and soup kitchens for those who truly need it, I am not in favor of community welfare camps that would allow the people who chose to live this way do so forever, for free, on the dime of the rest of the hard working people in Humboldt county.

I am also disgusted with those who cry injustice and discrimination when someone is arrested for panhandling (usually aggressively), being intoxicated in public, or being belligerent towards someone who either had no change to spare or declined to do so because they worked hard to earn their money. For many hard working people in Humboldt County nothing is “spare” just because there are others out there less fortunate, as sad as the fact may be. Those who chose to live that way upset me though, because they distract from those who are truly in need of, and are willing to accept, true help.

We are "in need of real change, not spare change!"
I’ve lived in this county since I was a kid, going on twelve years. I’ve seen what’s going on and it’s nothing to pity.

Neely =/= Neeley

By April, on Oct 30, 2009 - 15:59
Um, sir... the last name for the gentleman who wrote the article and the sex offender you linked to do not match.

By Ben, on May 3, 2010 - 17:30
Whoever writes this blog is a twat and will have hell to play when kharma is being dealt. It's come around whether you now believe in it or not. Whether you are even aware when it happens. It's going to bite you hard right on the ass for passing hate and ignorance around instead of putting an end to it when it's dumped on you.

'Have a great day though' and...think about what you are contributing to the world, please.

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By BREN 10, on May 17, 2011 - 19:23
Weather that dude is a rapist or not is irrelevant. them people that attack him don't know that hes a rapist. they just think hes homeless. and he doesnt want to go in to your swanky house to wash his clothes, he's saying that as a homeless person he doesn't have the rescources to wash his own. or even get washed. and the food thats of probably the worst quality is probably drugged. he doesn't want someones charity. he wants the chance to earn a living just like everybody else in shitville usa. stop being so judgemental and get of his back. even though hes a rapist cunt.

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