Even Medical Pot cultivation can start house fires

Thursday night a fire caused $20,000 damage to a house just outside Arcata city limits. The home had recently been renovated at a cost of $30,000, with new floors, paint, roof and more. “It was spotless,” said owner LaVina Collenberg (mother of the late Randy Collenberg of “Cab 10″ fame).

The tenant, Cody Nehring, said that the grow was a “cooperative” for five medical marijuana patients. Indeed, five Prop 215 certifications were posted on the living room wall, one with Nehring’s name on it. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reportedly will not charge the occupants with anything, as they were duly covered by Prop 215.

In Arcata, neighbors and police have become increasingly concerned about the proliferation of grow houses. Apart from the danger of fire, there have also been home invasion robberies with violence. In subdivisions where the houses look alike (especially at night) neighbors are concerned about robbers getting houses mixed up. Oh, and that smell.


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about time they making it legal........

By lanita harrison, on Dec 19, 2009 - 19:43
how can i get my daughter signed up for medical marijuana she is sickly all the time and shes on dissablity and the only thing that makes her fell better is her smoking marijuana allday everyday.my address is 16847 dixie hwy hazelcrest,ill60429 please send me information about it and about your county.thanks lanita harrison

make it legal in chicago

By chaquita jessup, on Dec 19, 2009 - 20:06
i think that is the most thoughtful thing they came up with for sick people that cant take medicine all they can tolerrate is marijuana for nusesa and for pain thanks make it legal everywhere...

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