Cocaine is a fun drug, but it sucks when you get busted

A Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy on patrol early Monday in Garberville arrested a man allegedly carrying more than 39 grams of cocaine and almost 6 pounds of marijuana.

Majadi Scruggs, 35, of Sacramento, who was spotted by the deputy while walking along Redwood Drive, reportedly made a run for it upon noticing the deputy. For some reason, criminals around here just like to run when they see cops,a nd that almost always leads to an arrest. Scruggs's attempt ended in the usual way.

The Deputy determined Scruggs had a felony warrant out of Lake County. Additionally, Scruggs was on formal probation with a search clause. Scruggs was arrested and searched. On the ground where Scruggs had been arrested, Deputies found a clear plastic bag containing more than thirty-nine grams of cocaine. They also found a tote-tub containing three pounds of marijuana.

After finding a motel room key on Scruggs, Deputies searched his room. Inside his motel room they found almost three more pounds of marijuana, and two scales.

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By Roy Giampoli, on Nov 30, 2008 - 21:10
I may be dead but I still know that Humboldt County Sheriffs are the crookedest SOBs walking the planet

By Stinky ASS, on Aug 26, 2009 - 2:52

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